Production & Sustainability


Where is Luizas & Co produced?

Currently, we manufacture in Portugal, to ensure that these traditions of manual labor do not die and do not disappear in our country. But the ideia is go to outside to another countries to help woman’s communities.

We prioritise working with talented artisans around the world to ensure quality, compliance to workers' safety, fair wages and benefits.

Within the possibilities, we promote Social Recycled Materials.


Are your materials and fabrics sustainable sourced?

Wherever there is opportunity, we try to recycle materials and minimize waste, when we are using vintage military jackets we are reusing this jackets, and helping our planet!

The turbans, Luizas&Co, that make a single one,  are also made of silk of antique and mixed Italians ties,  in harmony of colours,  and textures, enjoying these materials and making them the only and exclusive pieces of Art.