Suzana Magalhães

Travelling all over Portugal has allowed Suzana Magalhães to experience first-hand different perspectives of artisanal work, and this has been instrumental in the process of building her brand. She found an opportunity to express her creativity in a course at CITEX, thus launching her career as a fashion designer.

Boasting over 20-years- experience in the textile industry, Suzana has collaborated with several nationally and internationally renowned brands, which has allowed her to travel worldwide. Many of these trips allowed her to find out more about her country and to avidly research about different arts, having found it difficult to find female artisans.

Appalled by this fact and inspired by a different social paradigm, she saw in Luizas & Co an opportunity to express herself. Suzana aims at enabling younger communities to identify with traditional arts, specifically those which implicate exclusively handmade work. Suzana believes that both the renewal and disruption of shapes will perpetuate Portuguese traditions.


Traditional Craft With Avant-Garde Style



‘Design that will endure the test of time’ – this has been the concept at the core of Luizas & Co, ever since the brand presented its first collection in 2017. Its creative director, Suzana Magalhães, is on a mission to keep Portuguese arts and crafts alive, which is why she collaborates with national artisans. Her collections feature exuberant pieces which highlight artisan work and the Portuguese DNA, high-quality design pieces that will be worn and loved by different generations.

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The brand’s name is a tribute to Suzana Magalhães’ grandmother. Luizas & Co means Luizas & Company, a brand that is all about highlighting the work of Portuguese artisans, their know- how and their Art. The figure of Luiza was inspired by the Portuguese Marafona, a Portuguese rag doll that Suzana has redesigned to adapt it to modern times. The designer wants women to embody this new woman, strong, focused and determined, just like Luiza.

Art painting  @margaridafleming

Art painting @margaridafleming



Luizas & Co’s collections are inspired by the Portuguese DNA, which is why names such as ‘Poema’ and ‘Lusitânia Paixão’ have been chosen and have been impactful in the international scene. The brand presents limited edition collections that have the Portuguese know-how at its core and design product families that will be important at different times of women’s day-to- day. Contemporary pieces highlight traditional Portuguese techniques such as embroidery, basketry and manual weaving or ceramics.

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