‘The aesthetics I am striving for mirror the imperfection of the human touch. Artisan work has inspired me to adopt traditional Portuguese techniques and translate them into avant-garde pieces.’

Suzana Magalhães - Founder & Creative Director


Manual weaving

An ancient art carried out by artisans working in wooden looms. The creative process implicates pre-establishing the number of threads that will be used and the width of the fabric. Colourful threads placed side by side create stunning patterns that are incorporated in some of our accessories and wardrobe details.  




Basketry is represented in our hats and accessories. This technique embodies the art of working vegetable fibres through different weaving techniques, such as twinning or coiling.

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The brand’s mother piece is made in ceramic. The ceramic artist that was invited for this collaboration has reinterpreted the face of Luizas & Co and has worked on hand coloured details.  Tapping into the Portuguese soul, this piece is a tribute to Portuguese women, North to South, Azores and Madeira included.

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The embroiders collaborating with the project are part of family-owned companies mainly located in the north of the country. Their know-how has been passed on from generation to generation, and the techniques involved are part of a delicate and time-consuming process. These artisans are all soul and mastery, always striving for perfection. 

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